Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm In Hawaii. Let's Begin Again

Ahhh hah! Okay, I'm back. There's no doubt I have to improve my writing skeeelz. So this may not be random athlete notes, and it will have nothing to do with snowboarding, but I've missed this blog and I have decided to come back.

Hawaii 2010, we're here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

16 Rollers Make My Legs Go Poof!

My Horoscope: Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23): You raise your self-esteem with a pep talk and suddenly realize that life has put you right next to the people you are supposed to meet.

I wonder who I'm supposed to meet. We're all wearing full face helmets and padded gear up there, I can't tell who anyone is. It's not like surfing where you can see everyone's face and their tan line too. Mmmm . . . tan lines.

Practice was delightful. Hmm, first time in my life I might have said that, regarding any practice for any sport. I texted my old boyfriend to tell him I was back in the VIP tent making dozens of sandwiches and stuffing my pockets, like we did in the Athlete's Tent at the X Games. Ahh, to be so poor and so athletic. Ah well.

Back on course early tomorrow morning. One more day of practice, visualization, and well, high speeds baby.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix

Someone asked me, on a scale of 1 to 10, what was I at. I couldn't answer. Every hour I fluctuate from a 5, maybe a 4, then up to a 7 a few hours later, then maybe an 8. I think that's the beauty of being an athlete before a big competition. I love and hate the anxiety, anticipation, the joy, and the energy. It has replaced the drugs I used, the highs of love and lows of loss. I dig boardercross. It's very real - shaping snow into features so that we can slam into each other and then into bank turns. Too cool.

Coarse inspection and practice starts tomorrow for the Grand Prix at Boreal.

Oh, and that's my room above. I love that there are snowboards around every turn in our house. We're people full of passion.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Night of the X Games

Every year I watch the X Games. Every year I give everything I've got to snowboarding. Right now the fire is raging, Snowy is chewing a bone, Chipwich is blaring from the ipod in the background, and Louie Vito just hit his run in the pipe in the finals of the X Games on tv. A jibber boy I dig may or may not show up here at Ziemba pad in Alpine, and I've got 5 days until the Grand Prix Boardercross at Boreal. Could things be better? I don't know. I don't think so.

Shawn White has to rely on his 3rd run in the pipe to see if he medals. I have to ride and relax the next few days, and no, things couldn't be better. This is juuuusssttt finnne.

rip rip rip schred my friends.

dig and be dug.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Small Note, For the End of 2008

Security . . . what does this mean in relation to life as we know it today? For the most part it means safety and freedom from worry. It is said to be the end that all men strive for; but is security a utopian goal or is it another word for rut?

Let us visualize the secure man; and by this term, I mean a man who has settled for financial and personal security for his goal in life. In general, he is a man who has pushed ambition and initiative aside and settled down, so to speak, in a boring, but safe and comfortable rut for the rest of his life. His future is but an extension of his present, and he accepts it as such with a complacent shrug of his shoulders. His ideas and ideals are those of society in general and he is accepted as a respectable, but average and prosaic man. But is he a man? Has he any self-respect or pride in himself? How could he, when he has risked nothing and gained nothing? What does he think when he sees his youthful dreams of adventure, accomplishment, travel and romance buried under the cloak of conformity? How does he feel when he realizes that he has barely tasted the meal of life; when he sees the prison he has made for himself in pursuit of the almightydollar? If he thinks this is all well and good, fine, but think of the tradgedy of a man who has sacrificed his freedom on the altar of security, and wishes he could turn back the hands of time. A man is to be pitied who lacked the courage to accept the challenge of freedom and depart from the cushion of security and see life as it is instead of living it second-hand. Life has by-passed this man and he has watched from a secure place, afraid to seek anything better. What has he done except to sit and wait for the tomorrow which never comes?

Turn back the pages of history and see the men who have shaped the destiny of the world. Security was never theirs, but they lived rather than existed. Where would the world be if all men had sought security and not taken risks or gambled with their lives on the chance that, if they won, life would be different and richer? It is from the bystanders (who are in the vast majority) that we receive the propaganda that life is not worth living, that life is drudgery, that the ambitions of youth must be laid aside for a life which is but a painful wait for death. . . .

They lacked the only true courage: the kind which enables men to face the unknown regardless of the consequences.. . .
who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rhonda Pulled Us Out

This is Rhonda, our tow, from Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which is what it took to get the cars out of the driveway.
A long season ahead . . .

Bombing on Christmas Morning

Go figure.
This picture is of our porch. That is a car, buried under 3 or more feet of snow.
Most importantly, I woke up to David Sedaris reading the "Santaland Diaries" on NPR. ( Good stuff. I instantly called my friend Spoony, stuck in Florida golfing right now, as he was the one who introduced it to me many years ago.
A strange Christmas message. Spoony has lost his job too. He was always the one most stable, with the same job for maybe, 10 years, and managed to make it through the Dot Bomb time, in the early part of this century.
Most of all, Snowy was able to experience a first of the morning denial of his Christmas pee. It was just too deep out there.
Here he is with a full bladder, and he remains so right now, laying on the floor here.
Oh well,
Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Competitions? Sponsorship?

I am set for the Grand Prix and the Revoltion Tour, in about a month and a half, when it snows. I was just clicking around for the other comps - there's this:

"With news that Jeep has decided to no longer continue its sponsorship of Jeep 48STRAIGHT, the company has announced that the 2008-2009 winter event series has been cancelled."

I hear so much about womens' surfing losing sponsors and my favorite abstract extreme sports struggling for money, sponsorship . . . breaks my heart. The Jeep King of the Mountain is a cool one. Will miss it.

Okay snow. Ready . . . ? Now!


Dry as the Sahara out there.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The boards, kicking it after working out in the water.

Video from Sunset Beach, of Boneyards, and Backyards.
View from the shower behind the house, where I scrubbed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I was stuck in the Foodland Parking lot waiting for a friend to drop off a car he was selling. Sitting in the rain, the waves blown out, I was able to scout the many hundreds of boys who decided this was the day to go get more meat and beer for the house. Yippee. That's why they call it Dudeland I guess. It's the only supermarket on the North Shore, and many a dude walk in and out. It's nice.
I didn't want to talk to any of them. I don't think they might say anything I want to hear. Surfer Dudes Galore. The tan muscles and floppy hair from a short distance were enough for me.
These pictures are of the next leg of the Triple Crown set up at Sunset beach, a block from our house. Me, catching a wave. Drew, the artist, in red; a nice kid in front of his work.

Another sunset behind Paul's house. It's crazy, they happen, like, every day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making Fun of Surfers

These pictures are of Ian Walsh and Jordy Smith, whom I shared dead baby jokes with and made fun of. I didn't know who they really were. ( Deserves The Most Money?
SURFER's Opinion Poll
After multiple amateur world titles, a very strong showing in Hawaii, plus several cage-rattling appearances on the World Tour as a wildcard, it’s now rumored that Jordy Smith is poised to sign one of the largest contracts ever offered to a rookie in the history of professional surfing. If the conjecture surrounding the deal is correct, it’s possible that soon, Jordy could be one of the highest-paid surfers in the world—besides, of course, Kelly Slater.)

I made fun of Ian for shipping his stationary bike over from Maui for the duration of the Triple Crown. Jordy is shown here with his "g-string" - his shoelace belt creeping up actually.

All good, I suppose. I had one girl in hysterics as I poked fun at Ian and his workout girliness for having this stationary bike upstairs in the bathroom. He was such a sarcastic mo fo, it was good to communicate with another of my kind.

Then last night we ran into Fred Patacchia

and we got into a conversation about Budweiser, mostly because he and another pro-guy were on their way to the Budweiser party at Turtle Bay. Here he is surfing.

I said, "Have you tried Budlight Lime? It's disgusting. It tastes like soap."

Fred replied, "What kind of soap? Like Dove, or Dawn?"

After consideration I replied, "Like Dawn. Lemon Dawn."

"At least you can do the dishes and get drunk at the same time," he said.

We agreed that it's best never to do anything sober, or with lime, involving Bud. He had a strange look on his face though.

As Janna and I were driving away, she said, "You know, that guy is a pro and he's sponsored by Budweiser."

This racks up a solid handful of pros I've keenly been unaware of and made fun of to their face, either about their sponsor, or their clothing, whatever. I told Janna to have me shut my mouth in the next circumstance like this we might face, but she thanked me instead for shaving down the egos of these promiscuous pros who dog girls and get to surf empty breaks around the world, leading their tough pedestal lives (as she summed up), even if I just get the chance for a moment.

That's cool.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning

Most people are up and out to work, but here on the North Shore that consists of getting up and watching the waves. I'm actually not quite sure what we're looking for here for so long. I only need about 7 to 10 minutes to check the scene beyond our yard, but the dudes in the houses to the left and right of us will go and look out at the ocean for sometimes half an hour. I suppose sets do come in and out like that, but they don't really differ from the first set I witness. I glance out the window, and yup, the four dudes that were there a while ago are still looking.

Anyway, I have it in my heart that at the end of these three weeks I will have improved my surf capabilities. I can't get any worse, since I've been pummeled and caught on the lips of waves and my arms are exhausted. I'm trying to work up the energy to head over to Hale'iwa, about 10 miles west of here to join Paul's girl Janna in a yoga class. Sitting here on this laptop is just so easy though. Perhaps I can take a stretch by myself a little later. I'm good at weaseling out of things I know I need to do for my body.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Injury Report

Perhaps I shouldn't jinx myself by writing a title like that. Not many injuries to report quite yet, just little annoying ones, like hip bruises and rib calluses from the surfboard, feet cuts and shoulder aches. I wake up and they annoy me though, and I just woke up.

I don't know why I keep swallowing so much water. I've been pounded on the head by sets before and lost in the washing machine of waves, but this time around I seem to get caught with my mouth open. Salt water in the belly is upsetting. Mixed with coffee and chocolate - breakfast of champions.

Looking out at the waves again today and the people staring at the waves, and every morning so far it's nice because it feels like we're in this together. There goes another cat riding his bike through the grass in the yard in front of me to stare a the ocean. He must be 50.

I suppose my generation will be the first to support the old women in the water. I haven't seen any over 40, ever. If I have to move here and practice for the next 7 years so I can be in the water at 40 and not get pounded, well, then, I do what I have to do to keep pushing the female sex to the next level.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oahu North Shore

It's been some time since I've blogged, or done anything really. Per the request of my friend Paul who I'm crashing with for the next three weeks, I will be writing every day while I'm here on Oahu, North Shore, getting ready for the season of snow, surfing every day, and tanning my butt. Things are looking good so far, the mere 30 hours I've been here.

You see, I used to be a really good writer, or so Paul thinks. I wrote him 9 page letters from Africa and emails years ago that he told me changed his writing. That's not so hard when he used to write me letters that were much like Jack Handy's, from SNL. Yeah. I'm still out of practice, but he really believes in my once polished craft, so I'll humor him and write again, just for the sake of writing.

I'm sitting here at his desk looking out at the waves. This is what it looks like:

In the morning, people line up at the back of their houses and stare out at the ocean, like we're all at some giant surf camp, and the day is beginning again. To the left and right they saunter down their yards to the beach with board in hand, and go out and slide the ocean all day. There's no work up here, though there is a Starbucks. That, Foodland, and a place called Ted's which serves MahiMahi sandwiches which gave me the most incredible gas while in the water yesterday, are the only establishments within a few miles. Of course, I wouldn't be outraged if there was a Starbucks in the Sarhara by now. They're everywhere and oh so yummy. So my fellow campers and I surf. They surf all day every day. At this time I'm mostly paddling around and trying not to get knocked up by the ocean. In three weeks time I pray that I can report my skills will be much better.

I'm off to go stare at the ocean with my cohorts now. Blog One Day Two Out my brothers and sisters.